Alex Neev

Senior Web Developer
Full-stack. PHP, Wordpress, Node, React, Linux + DevOps


Experienced web developer from Ukraine with technical skills and strong knowledge of building successful websites. I'm Always seeking opportunities to create new or modify existing websites.



Developers Shore

Senior web developer Sweden - Ukraine Software development \ outsource company
  • Various Wordpress projects
  • Legacy PHP software development
  • Various website performance optimisation tasks
  • Servers management

Proxify AB

Senior web developer Sweden Software development \ outsource company
  • Various Wordpress projects
  • NodeJS Apps
  • Legacy PHP software development
  • Servers management


Sweden PHP\Laravel developer Founded in 2010, Bannerflow is a Creative Management Platform (CMP) that enables in-house marketing teams to take control of their display advertising. Bannerflow is cloud-based software that lets teams design, scale, publish, analyse, personalise, and optimise display campaigns.
  • Company website development. Laravel + Headless WP

Vilmate LLC

Ukraine, Kharkiv Senior Web Developer Vilmate LLC is an Eastern-European custom software provider with offices in Kharkiv, Ukraine and New York, USA.
  • Various Wordpress projects
  • Laravel Projects. (LV front + Headless WP backend integration)
  • Legacy php development
  • NodeJS based apps
  • Company website development and management
  • Servers Management

Volia Software

Ukraine, Kyiv Senior Web Developer Volia Software is a U.S. based IT services company focused on the delivery and support of high value business solutions.
  • Legacy PHP websites to Wordpress platform transfer.
  • 30+ Successful projects.

Camot Aps

Denmark Lead Developer Owner of popular port-related websites and affiliate network.
  • Corporate Wordpress websites.
  • Wordpress Plugins, custom scripts
  • Company servers network setup and management
  • Product database with 1M+ products. Scraping. Refferals.


Self Employed Freelance Developer Worldwide Lots of successful pojects on various freelance platforms. Mostly Upwork.
  • Mostly focused on WP development. Including themes, plugins, and Ecommerce websites. With ACF + WpBakery and Custom themes.
  • Shopify sites development + management
  • Opencart, few projects
  • Magento 1.6 - 1.9 , 5+ projects.
  • Various Legacy PHP projects.


Web Developer, Smart House systems programmer Ukraine, Kyiv Hi-Fi \ Hi End audio + Smarthome equipment distributor
  • Company website development + management Smarthouse control systems software development: Philips Pronto, AMX, UniversalRemoveControl, Lutron| Rs232\IP\ZigBee\IR Control protocols.
  • Computer networks management and installation and network planning.

Compass Ukraine

Web Developer Ukraine, Kyiv PC components distributor
  • Company website development + management
  • Company ecommerce platform development and management.
  • Legacy php software with 1C. Integration.



National Technical University of Ukraine 'Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.)
Informatics and computer science