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It’s been over ten years since I started my journey of entrepreneurship. To share what I am passionate about, I opened my own successful business, Kaya Yoga Therapy in 2013. I first started teaching Yoga courses in 2015, which have now reached across all of Asia. I have always been passionate about art, fashion and design, which has lead me to fuse my Yoga and fashion empire together.

After accumulating feedback over my style and feeling there was a gap in the market for a brand that embodies luxurious shape wear with a feminine tone I decided to debut RAIN. in 2018. Producing three women’s wear Capsule collections a year.

I am thoroughly passionate about debuting my first season, ESSENTIALS.

My debut season, ESSENTIALS fuses feminine aesthetics with a luxurious influence. It’s a tribute to women to feel comfortable in the durability and the comfort essence of RAIN. I admire women who are on their own mission while embodying their strength and nourishing their softness.

All fabrics are sourced locally in Turkey. Garments are made from natural fibers and illustrate the heart and feminine sense of the brand. While the earthy colour influence high lights the essence of RAIN.

I believe in supporting the economy and the environment.

Together with grace we can grow stronger.

Awaken your senses with RAIN.

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