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What began as a children’s retail store focused on science and imagination has grown into a thriving local toy store chain dinobubbthat celebrates the magic and wonder of toys and the power of a single child. TOYZZ is a toy store like no other. TOYZZ is a fun loving institution that is always the first to feature the hottest, new toys on the market. The company’s mission is to create a wonderfuntastical experience with many of its 2,500 wonderfuntastical toys on display for hands-on play. TOYZZ aims to inspire creativity and a sense of wonder with its specialty toys, gifts, books and gadgets. The company is proud to offer merchandise from local authors, inventors and manufacturers. Wonder Works hosts two free, family events each year, the Kids Run & Wonderfest which is held in April and Elfstravaganza which is held in November. In addition to this, the company participates in several events and supports countless local causes and charities. But at its heart, the company’s passion lies within the growth and devolvement of child entrepreneurs, child entertainers, and children’s charities – kids who have created their own charity and mission to raise money for causes they are passionate about. So come over to Wonder Works and experience the magic today!

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